Monday, November 23, 2009

Moving On

Well, the holidays are fast approaching and life is also coming at me full-speed (not unlike it does to those folks in those insurance commercials). It's looking like if I want to manage an extremely high-maintenance teenager while also continuing to freelance and to write fiction - something has to go. Guess what's going?

That's right - this blog is going, going, gone.

I tend to think that most writers (except maybe Nora Roberts and Stephen King) are only alloted a certain number of words per day. And if those words all get used up on the blog, there aren't any left for what I like to think of as "real writing." I definitely can't find the time to update this blog weekly, so I'm calling it quits.

I'll leave it up here in case I change my mind or have some special promotional event in the future. I figure it'd be silly to delete the whole thing and then have to create a new one if some theoretical future publisher wants me to have a blog. But don't expect to see new posts here.

INSTEAD - Starting in 2010, I'll be blogging monthly at The Romance Studio's blog. (I'm also going to be blogging there on November 30th.) For the new year, I'll probably be doing a series on tips for aspiring authors there. I might also post the occasional entry at my publisher's blog site: The Wild Rose Press. And last but not least, I'll continue to do my seasonal newsletter, which will include reviews of favorite new books, news about my own writing, and even the occasional contest.

Be seeing you!

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