Friday, October 2, 2009

October is Breast Cancer Awareness

Hey everyone, just a reminder that October is breast cancer awareness month. Remember to do your self-exams every month and get an annual mammogram.

Promotion for Thirty-Nine Again is at last slowing down, and I'm hoping to get back to writing some new material soon. Mostly I'm still trying to catch up on things that fell behind while I was recuperating. The Man was a big help (the Teen Tasmanian Devil not so much) - but he did have to let a few things go. He wound up taking several weeks of saved up leave time to help around the house and be the Daddy Chauffeur and Crisis Counselor to the Teen Taz. At one point, Chauffeur Dad observed that he had pretty much had to quit his job in order to be me, only he had to be "Me Lite." His version of me did not also do freelance newspaper writing, publish a novel, and run two miles a day while chauffeuring, cooking and crisis counseling. I am also discovering the hard way that his version of me did not file things or pay bills very often or balance a checkbook!

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