Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Guest Blog

Guest blogging today at Allie Boniface's blog. Here's the URL:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Winner Is. . .

The winner of the Wild Rose Press gift certificate is Erotic Horizon! EH - contact me with your email address and I'll get your gift certificate out to you! You can contact me at

Thanks so much to everyone who posted with your own stories of stopping to smell the roses and your own words of encouragement.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Stop and Smell the Roses Blog Bouquet

The Wild Rose Press wants you to stop and smell the roses! Check out some fabulous books by Wild Rose authors, visit their blogs and win a prize. At the end of today's blog, you'll find a list of other authors participating in the Stop and Smell the Roses event. You can collect a lot of prizes, since there's well over a dozen authors participating. I'm offering a $6.00 gift certificate to The Wild Rose Press online store, which is enough to cover the cost of most ebooks offered there. Ebooks can be read on Sony Readers, Kindles or even on your iPhone.

"Stop and smell the roses" turns out to be a particularly appropriate topic for me this summer, as I'm going to be forced to do just that. Turns out I have to have some unexpected and rather major surgery. Aside from the stress of facing the surgery itself, there's the knowledge that recovery will take six to eight weeks, during which I can't do any sort of strenuous activities. I admit to being pretty upset about the situation, but I've lived with the information just long enough to start finding advantages in it. Like, six to eight weeks of no doing laundry! Or carrying groceries! Hooray!

But seriously, an event like this forces a person to view everything in a new perspective. I signed on to do this blog before I found out about needing the surgery, otherwise I probably wouldn't have signed up at all. You see, I'm finding that listening to my son practice piano or planting some marigolds in the garden or tending to my own roses - all those things matter so much more when you don't know what tomorrow might bring. Or when you realize it could be months before you're able to do them again!

Ironically, the heroine of my TWRP novel, Thirty-Nine Again has survived a serious health challenge herself. In Thirty-Nine Again, breast cancer survivor Sabrina is still trying to reinvent her life when the Mexican Mob interferes with her plans. In the end, she outsmarts them and learns, in her own way, to stop and smell the roses, rather than trying to control every aspect of her life.

I hope you too will smell those roses, and that it won't take a huge health crisis to make you do it. Take some time to catch up on the books in your To Be Read pile or listen to your kid practice his music lesson. Maybe even sit in the garden and smell the roses!

Now for the contest: Post a comment on this blog and win a gift certificate for an ebook at The Wild Rose Press. 'm giving you until the end of the day on Tuesday, June 23rd to post your comment on my blog. I'll announce the winner later this week.

If you visit the other Wild Rose authors listed below, you'll find even more cool prizes up for grabs. All their Stop and Smell the Roses blogs should be up on their sites today.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Mini Blog Tour Continues

Today I'm guest blogging at Moonlight, Lace & Mayhem. Here's the link:

Hope you'll stop by and say hi!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Guest Blogging Today

Visit my guest blog today at Night Owl Romance. In case the link doesn't work, here's the URL:

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Chick v. Noir

So is it chick lit - lighthearted, sarcatic and funny? Or is it noir - dangerous and cynical and bleak???

The big day is coming soon - Thirty-Nine Again will officially be released in just a couple of weeks by The Wild Rose Press, although B&N and Amazon are already selling it online. People ask me what genre this book belongs to, and I've never known what to say. It's a bit of romantic comedy, some chick lit and a good dose of romantic suspense too. So I christened it "chick noir."

So what exactly is noir fiction? Real noir is much, much darker than Thirty-Nine Again. Although people die in my story and the heroine's in very real danger, her point of view isn't anything like the bleakly cynical attitude of Sam Spade or Philip Marlowe or Dashiell Hammett's unnamed Continental detective.

I think there's a reason there are no great female noir detectives and that's because women don't tend to develop that bitter, crusty, fatalism so essential to Sam Spade and his ilk. I don't know if that's a hormonal thing or a cultural thing. Possibly it's just because women rarely have enough time to themselves to wallow in their own disappointment! In Thirty-Nine Again, for example, Sabrina's view is realistic and maybe just a teensy bit bitter. But for good or ill, like most women, if she feels mistreated by life, she accepts it as her due and tries to make a joke about it.

At one point, my hero Evan, a Homeland Security agent, confesses to Sabrina that his superior wanted her brought in for questioning but Evan resisted, due to his own rather unprofessional attraction to her. Sabrina laughs at the very idea of having that kind of affect on a man and slaps him down (pretty literally, in fact) with a snide reference to Sam Spade and his ill-fated involvement in the search for The Maltese Falcon.

That's why Thirty-Nine Again is more "Chick" than "noir." Or at least, I hope it is!