Friday, May 1, 2009

Buy Stuff and Feel Good About Yourself!

In the current economy, everyone seems to be feeling guilty about spending money. Well, now you have the excuse you need to spend, spend, spend. It's author Brenda Novak's annual online auction to raise money for diabetes research. This is such a worthy cause and I so admire Brenda for using her fame and success as an author to do something so meaningful. Brenda's own little boy suffers from juvenile diabetes, so this is a subject very close to her heart.

I've donated a fabulous gift basket to the auction this year. This is a very girly basket that would be great for a high school or college graduation gift. It contains a whole boatload of yummy spa specialties - bath salts, mositurizer, etc. Plus there's also a pink iPod shuffle and an iTunes gift card. Go bid on this one for that special girl in your life.
I've also joined with over a dozen other Wild Rose Press authors to donate something even more spectacular -- a new Amazon Kindle. So if you weren't in the audience the day Oprah declared the Kindle her new favorite thing, now you can get one at Brenda's auction!
The auction lasts all through the month of May. Brenda has assembled a fantastic assortment of items. Editor and agent evaluations for you writers out there, and autographed books and even lunch dates with some top-notch authors for you book lovers. And there's also plenty of stuff for people who don't even like books -- I've heard such creatures exist. If you happen to know any of these oddballs, tell them about the auction too. There are gift baskets, custom jewelry, big screen TVs and state-of-the-art computers up for grabs. Something for everyone! Please take a look and bid on an item. Brenda will thank you for your generosity, and so will I.


  1. Wonderful basket, Lynn! It really brings out my girly side :)

  2. I hope the auction makes a ton of money for diabetes research. My husbands brother is losing his foot today due to diabetes. It's horrible.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that, Mary. I think Brenda raised over $200,000 for diabetes research last year with her auction. I know she sent participants a message saying she's already raised $23,000 just for today - and she's got 30 more days of fundraising to go!