Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today It's My Birthday!

Yes, today it's my birthday and the hubby has planned an entire weekend of celebratory events. Let's hope it goes better than last year, when I left everyone at my birthday party and spent the evening in the emergency room with my mom. To be honest, I'm really ambivalent about the birthday this year, and Mother's Day too. Mom always new how to make an exit, so she managed to arrange her final illness to begin on my birthday and end on Mother's Day. She did know how to be memorable. Not trying to be maudlin - just sayin'.

Anyway, I'd hoped to have a big batch of blogs pre-written to upload here for the next few weeks, but it never happened. Other crises interfered with my blog writing time - you know, family, job, novel writing. Sheesh, I know I should put the blog first, but what can I say???

So I'll get back to writing new stuff next week with some (hopefully) interesting thoughts about friendships, the writing biz, romance, and the one my friend Ann has been waiting for - my blog about Historical Hotties.

Ooh, in the meantime, here's something you should be watching. I just love me some Nathan Fillion and he is fantastic as egotistical but sexy novelist Richard Castle in his new series. Pants aren't as tight as they were in Firefly, but we can't have everything.

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  1. Happy belated birthday!!!

    You are sooo right about Nathan Fillion. I'm hooked on that show. He's just so damned CUTE! And funny. Or maybe it's the writers who are funny, but who cares? Great chemistry, too. Between Nathan and me, that is.