Friday, April 10, 2009

The Blog About Shirtless Guys

The weather's starting to warm up, and with it comes the first true sign of the coming of spring. No, not the swallows at Capistrano or wherever, although I suppose those are nice. No, I speak of the far more fabulous Shirtless Guy:

As much as I enjoy the sight of a well-toned youth jogging along the trail in my direction, there is of course an ugly, dark side to the Season of Shirtless Guys:

Fortunately, the guy next door hasn't started mowing his lawn yet, so I haven't had a chance to feast my eyes on any wobbly mountains of flesh similar to the ones in this scary photo. If I'm really lucky, maybe the neighbor will keep his shirt on this year.

Here's hoping your Spring - and mine - is full of flat, well-toned abs!


  1. Now that's what a blog should be. Funny and short. Loved it!

  2. Oh, Lynn, thanks for the laugh! And what nice abs at the top of the page. Whew! I have to share a story. When my kids were small, my girl friend and I served on the PTO and on our way to a meeting, we stopped by the gymnasium to wave to our husbands who were playing basketball in the gym. Oh, dear! To tell the opposing teams, one side was the shirts and the other was... you guessed it... Shirtless. Our husbands were in all their glory running up and down the court without their shirts. Angela and I looked at each other and we said, "Quick, let's get out of here before anyone figures out we married them ;)" Thanks for a cute post!

  3. Thank you so much for this, Lynn! And you know, I bet he's thinking, "Yeah...the babes love me!"

  4. I look at it like this. If you got it flaunt it if not have mercy on the rest of us!!! (grin)
    I myself never wear shorts. Fun blog!

  5. Gotta agree with Ann!! Great post!!!


  6. Mary - unfortunately, I suspect that, as Ellen says, the fat guy is probably thinking he's looking pretty good.

    That's what always scares me. What if I'm thinking I'm looking pretty hot, and someone is using MY picture in a blog about women who should really invest some money in a good flatiron? Or some similar fashion crime I'm not even aware I'm committing?!?!

  7. Im sure he is not thinking the babes love him.....just trying to enjoy lunch on his vacation! This is my father and fat or not he is a good man .....