Friday, January 23, 2009

Like Brigitte Bardot!

It's another hectic week here in Green Acres, with the Tasmanian Devil Boy appearing in not one but two Chekov plays later this week. Yes, you read right. The 12-year-old is already doing Chekov at his very arty private school. Anyway, what with ten million rehearsals between now and opening night, who has time to think about blogs? Actually, lately I'm wondering if I have time to think about blogs even on a slow day, but that's a topic for a whole 'nother post. Meanwhile, here's what Blogthing had to tell me this week. I am glad the Blogthing is so perceptive.

You Are Brigitte Bardot

Naturally sensual and beautiful

You're an exotic beauty who turns heads everywhere

You've got a look that's one of a kind


  1. This was too funny--and I'm Marilyn Monroe.

    A classic tortured beauty
    You're the dream girl of many men
    Yet they never seem to treat you right


  2. Hi Lynn!!!
    Congrats on your budding thespian :)) That is so awesome! And I really loved your post today---I'm Bettie Page :) Gotta to say though, I really don't see it---except for the brown hair, which I actually do have!
    Take care, Ellen

  3. Hi Ann and Ellen - thanks for posting. I'm pretty excited about being Brigitte Bardot. Ann, I'm sorry that you have to be Marilyn and attract all the wrong sort of men. And here I thought Bill was a nice guy! Ellen - still deciding whether I'm happy about the budding thespian. Okay, no really, I am. Just wish someone else could chauffeur him to rehearsals!!!