Friday, December 12, 2008

I Am the Egg Man

I took the great breakfast food quiz at Blogthings and it turns out I am the Egg Man. Goo goo kachoob.

I do love me a big, old-fashioned farmhouse breakfast, though. In fact, I am really eggs, bacon, pancakes, grapefruit and a side order of scrapple. Yes, scrapple. Now that's some good eating, folks.

Truthfully, most days I eat a nice bowl of organic cereal with soy milk and an english muffin. And if I have time to live it up, I might throw in a couple of slices of Canadian bacon. The eggs, pancakes and scrapple - that's just my fantasy breakfast. And a good thing, too. If I ate that way everyday, I'd be dead by now. So it's like Farmhouse Breakfast with Scrapple is who I fantasize about, but Shredded Spoonfuls with Silk is who I married.

Kind of like the difference between that fantasy guy in your head (say, Daniel Craig and his really big gun) and the really sweet, dependable guy you married. Daniel Craig would be a fun ride, but it would probably kill you even quicker than the scrapple. Ask Vesper Lynd.

You Are Eggs

Traditional and totally grown up, you truly believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

You don't skimp on nutrition or quality. You're likely to take the time to make yourself a decent meal each morning.

You're a great cook, even if you aren't a showy one. You can make a feast out of simple ingredients.

The food you eat may be basic, but you prefer to think of it as classic.

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