Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ten Things I'm Thankful For

10) I am thankful that the President-Elect has come out forcefully against the Droopy Drawers Syndrome afflicting the nation's young male populace. ("Some people might not want to see your underwear - I'm one of them.") Since the President-To-Be appears to be something of an arbiter of cool as far as my son is concerned, this now means that we spent yesterday morning in a panic-stricken tizzy because the line of our boxers was the teensiest bit visible above the waistband of our jeans. This was formerly a non-issue for the Tazmanian Devil Boy and was only of concern to the backward creature known as Mom. Fortunately, Mom was able to save the day yesterday by suggesting Taz pair his slightly baggy pants with an insouciant yet stylishly untucked shirt and sweater combo. Problem solved.For both of us. Thank you, Mr. President.

9) Again on the subject of underwear, I am thankful that no celebrities have felt compelled to have their bare private parts photographed by the paparazzi in several months.

8) I am thankful that tomorrow I get to eat as much pie as I want. Thanksgiving is all about the pie for me. In fact, life is all about pie for me. I love pie. Maybe one day I will write an entire blog about pie.

7) I am thankful that teen girls are now channeling their libidinous urges toward Robert Pattinson as opposed to The Jonas Brothers. Smoldering vampire lover with bedroom eyes or Disneyfied pop stars? I know which one I would have chosen in my teens. Well, and if he were a bit older and I were single, I'd probably still choose him!

6) I am thankful that Thirty-Nine Again has finally reached the galleys stage - the last step before actual publication.

5) Boy, am I thankful the presidential campaign is at last over, at least for a little while. Let us hope the media allows the various elected officials to get on with governing and doesn't feel compelled to start interviewing people about who would be a viable presidential candidate in 2012. I swear, we need time limits on political campaigning, like they have in some European countries. But that, too, is a blog for another day.

4) I'm thankful for surviving a very weird and stressful year full of extreme highs and extreme lows. In one year, my mom passed away, I had two car wrecks, I signed a contract for the publication of my first book, and I received a request for the manuscript of my second book from a major publisher. Talk about a roller coaster year.

3) I'm thankful for all the wonderful, encouraging fellow writers I've met in person at conferences like NJRW's, local chapters meetings for the Maryland and DC romance writers,  and at various writers' groups online - especially Elements of RWA. You've all really helped me keep writing and keep my spirits up!

2) I'm thankful the Tasmanian Devil Boy appears to be adjusting well to his new school and finding his niche in the theatre program and swim team there.

1) And the number one thing I'm thankful for is my family: Chris, who isn't really a Tasmanian Devil Boy at all, and Matt, my hubby, who is the best friend a girl could have and also pretty darned sexy when he wants to be. Corny but true.
Happy Thanksgiving birthday, sweetie!

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  1. Thanks for the birthday wish! Your blog looks good. And best of all- more pie today!!!